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Our 2016 literature kicked off our craze of organizing by color tone. Essentially, we simplified the selection process by arranging each product line according to the dominant color tones in each stone type or blend – from warmest to coolest. We recently took that a step further by creating a Natural Stone Colors category page on our website. (You can click to it from our footer.) So whether you’re already targeting the perfect palette or are still in search of contrasting or accentuating hues; you can now reference our natural stone products according to the six main color tones (fiery, earth, honey, shadow, sky, and arctic) to find or create the perfect blend of real stone color tones.

Exterior Stone Veneer - Full Color Castle Rock veneer stone home - castle stone masonry - Buechel Stone Project Gallery

Fiery Stone Colors

Fiery natural stone colors are warm, energetic, and expressive. Red is high impact and inspiring. The hues in this spectrum are perfect for promoting conversation and interaction.

Chilton Sedona Rustic stone veneer - Ashlar veneer stone masonry - Ashlar Stone Veneer - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - Full & Thin Stone Veneer

While saturated fiery stone color tones tend to be more dramatic, less saturated versions aren’t quite as bold. Less energetic reds, rusts and even reddish brown tones present similarly to warm, inviting neutrals before transitioning to earth stone colors.

Earth Stone Colors

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Earth natural stone colors include everything from neutral buffs and tans to classic rich browns. The hues in this spectrum are classically versatile, having the ability to pair with many other colors and materials. Warm, light neutrals are soothing and inviting, while rich dark browns add a sense of drama.

Honey Stone Colors

Fond du Lac Rustic veneer stone masonry - Ashlar Stone Veneer - Buechel Stone project gallery photo - exterior stone veneer - Chantilly Lace Cut Stone

The inner glow of honey stone colors casts drops of sunshine on interior and exterior stone. Paler yellow hues in this spectrum are classically versatile and pair well with other materials in pastel colors like aqua, sky tones, mint green, gray, arctic colors, and violet. Brighter honey stone colors are great for awakening a space with confidence and enthusiasm (such as a stone facade, sun porch, or even interior stone veneer for your kitchen).

Shadow Stone Colors

Black Frost Castle Rock veneer stone masonry - Castle Stone Veneer - Buechel Stone project gallery photo

Shadow natural stone colors include a range of off-whites, grays, and blacks from both warm and cool color palettes. Neutral real stone colors have become very popular for their ability to pair with a variety of other color palettes and materials. Cool shadow stone colors tend to work well in modern spaces and when contrasted with white; whereas more inviting warm gray stone colors pair nicely with wood and other natural finishes. Dark gray is dramatic and light gray is soothing; giving shadow stone hues range and depth.

Sky Stone Colors

Chilton Shabby-Chic Tailored Blend veneer stone masonry - Chilton stone veneer - real stone - stacked stone & mortared masonry look like stone panel - Full & Thin Stone Veneer - Buechel Stone project gallery photo

Blue is by far the most popular hue when talking about interior and exterior color families. Our sky natural stone colors are no exception. This sky blue stone color tone is a version of blue with added white, which means it’s a lighter version of sky stone colors for a breezy, cool, calming effect. Sky stone colors can also be energetic when brighter, more saturated real stone color tones are used and contrasted with white or yellow.

Arctic Stone Colors

Fond du Lac Tailored Blend (Coursed Heights) - Buechel Stone Interior Stone Veneer

Arctic natural stone colors are a nice balance of cool blue with hints of warm grays throughout. This combination elevates arctic stone color tones to very sophisticated neutral hues that can be used for a variety of interior and exterior stone veneerlandscape stone, or architectural cut stone project applications.

Whether you buy stone veneer (full or thin stone masonry) or any other variety of natural stone products from our carefully curated collections, know that Buechel Stone will be there to ensure best experiences through every step of the process – starting as your source for indoor and outdoor stone color and style inspiration. JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER or follow us on your favorite social media platform (FacebookLinkedInTwitterYouTubePinterest) to be notified of everything we’re doing to inspire a future built on natural stone project successes. Because quality products with simplified specification by stone color tone are just the beginning. And providing best experiences is what gets us out of bed every morning – making Buechel Stone your ONLY REAL CHOICE in STONE.

Tracy Lisowe
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