Stone Supplier Spirit of Giving – Starting with Ma Buechel

You may have read our previous Press & Blog post about what we did eight years ago that showed what’s important to Buechel Stone. Tim and Scott Buechel have always had big hearts, especially with those they saw investing their time into the company. They see the best in people and want them to enjoy their work. It’s how they were brought up. Which tells us that the charm of Buechel Stone goes back a generation further. And we’re fortunate enough to be able to hear it from her firsthand.

More to Ma Than Buechel Stone

Many of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren stayed pretty local and pop by to visit Ma (Alyce) Buechel as they have the opportunity. So that’s exactly what her grandson, Mike Buechel, and I did. But this time, Mike planned a special Facebook LIVE #Iam video to bring her great and giving philosophy to the front stage of the world. And she didn’t disappoint.

#Iam A Master Seamstress

The three of us, along with all of her most recent projects, filled the humble sewing room to max capacity. Watch this two-minute clipped video summary (embedded below) of her #Iam video to get a sense of how much thought and love she fits into every donated outfit. You can also click the following link to watch the full seven-minute Facebook LIVE video: #Iam Master Seamstress Ma Buechel – Original #Rockstar.

Your Best Resource for More Than Natural Stone

For more about the history of our greater MISSION of providing best experiences, check out our Buechel Bio page. Or scroll down our Buechel Stone Careers page to find a video reel of more #Iam stories.

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Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.