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Our mission of creating best experiences has no physical limits or state boundaries. Since purchasing the assets of Blue Ridge Mountain Stone, we planned to consolidate locations and increase our stone veneer fabrication investments at one central location for better production and an improved workplace environment. We’re proud to announce that those plans are being put into action. That’s why our rockstar family made the front page of The McDowell News today (Fri., April 26, 2019).

McDowell Stone Company Awarded $150,000 State Grant for Renovation

Thin Stone Veneer Packaging - Buechel Stone Company Fabrication

Credit goes to Mike Conley of The McDowell News for such a nice write-up. (Here’s a link to the original article). He did a great job stating the facts and capturing our company culture through statements from both Scott Buechel and Mike Buechel.

I’m proud to extend our mission and live our core values with Buechel Stone fans and family throughout North America. That’s why my biggest takeaways from the article have more to do with the people than the money. Like Scott said, “We’re solidifying our commitment to the community of Marion.” The people that live and work in the surrounding communities are our most valuable resource, and 12 more will have an opportunity be become part of the Buechel Stone family. It’s important for us to invest and create a work environment that is great for all of our rockstars. That’s why we’re so excited about the renovation. And as Mike Buechel said, “We are very grateful for McDowell County and the state of North Carolina for offering us a grant.”

The article mentions how we’ll pay wages greater than the county average manufacturing wage. We also offer health insurance. Mike Buechel goes on to highlight perks like our 5-year anniversary gifts, paid time to help non-profits, and other extreme benefits for our rockstar team. (Click here to read the full article from The McDowell News website. We’ve also uploaded a digital PDF version or the article.)

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Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.