Thin Veneer & Veneer Stone – American Success Story | Podcast

Before my time at Buechel Stone, Mike Buechel jumpstarted our marketing and brand presence across a variety of platforms. After all, there’s no way to make Buechel Stone your best stone experience if you’ve never heard of us. Mike’s passion for making every aspect of the veneer stone industry a better, more simple experience drives his decisions. So when respected peer and industry-educator Dean Marsico invited him to do a podcast about how the Buechel family history intersects with advances in thin veneer and veneer stone products and processes, he took him up on it.

Podcast | From Pig Farming to Promoting Full & Thin Stone Veneer Best Experiences

The podcast aired last Friday (April 19, 2019). Dean and Derek’s hospitality and genuine interest in how a humble family business grew to be a leader in the natural stone masonry supply space made for a great setting. Personally, I never miss an opportunity to hear our story; and their fun, casual, and candid conversation didn’t disappoint. Mike talks about his family’s journey from pig farming to stone veneer sales to pioneering the production and promotion of natural thin stone veneer and everything in between. He tells it like it is. And that’s why I love it. Their conversation is as natural and real as our stone. But don’t take my word for it. Dean & Derek’s podcast featuring Mike Buechel is embedded below. 

Under Your Roof and In Your Backyard | Episode 36 – Thin Veneer and Veneer Stone

Scott Buechel and Michael Buechel are the co-owners of Buechel Stone, a family-run business out of Wisconsin and North Carolina. They fabricate all kinds of stone products, including full bed veneer and thin veneer. We’ve talked about how thin veneer has changed the masonry and hardscape business over the past fifteen years. Michael will educate us on some of his products and give us some great stories about how his grandparents literally mortgaged the farm to start Buechel Stone. It’s one of the great American success stories!

Betting the Farm and Believing in the Stone Industry

If podcasts aren’t your thing, you can also check out Mike Buechel’s personal blog post from August of 2018. We even uploaded a few photos pulled from the archives, including some old bank agreements. Francis and Alyce literally, and truly, ‘bet the farm’ on Buechel Stone.

1949 Buechel Homestead before betting on the stone industry

A History of Heartfelt Faith and Leadership

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Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.