The Next Chapter: Tim Buechel Retires

Before heading out of town for a few months to kick off his retirement, Tim Buechel sent an email to everyone in the company expressing his confidence in us as a “great group that will continue to surround [the future leadership team] with thoughts, ideas, and support.” And he went on [in a tone of heartfelt gratitude] emphasizing that he could not “say thank you enough.”

I had the privilege of sitting down with Tim, Scott, Mike, and Ma (Alyce) Buechel to chat about Tim’s retirement and the “next chapter” for Buechel Stone Corp. (and it’s documented in the video feature below).

Before and after Tim’s retirement announcement, the Buechels told a few animated stories (you may have already found a few of these treasures in the outtakes) and admitted to making some mistakes along the way – despite using their best judgement. But most importantly, they learned from those mistakes, and continue to learn. And that’s how Tim is approaching retirement. Richard Ben Sapir said it best, “Any fool can ride the chariots of victory. It takes judgement to get off at the right time.”

Tim is excited for the future of Buechel Stone and looking forward to seeing the leadership team start the “next chapter” as he limits his activity with the company to a more flexible as-needed basis. Best wishes from the Buechel team to Tim for a fun and fulfilling retirement!!

Enjoy the formal PRESS RELEASE (below).

CHILTON, Wis.—Tim Buechel, president and owner of Buechel Stone Corp. in Chilton and Fond du Lac, retired Monday, Dec. 19. He formally announced his retirement at the company’s holiday party on Dec. 8.

Tim has been affiliated with Buechel Stone his entire life. His parents, Francis and Alyce Buechel, founded the company in 1964 after converting their 125-acre farm into a quarry. In 1977, 22-year-old Tim and his brothers bought the business from their parents.

Throughout Tim’s tenure, Buechel Stone has grown from a company of five to the nearly 150 people it employs today. The company has become a respected leader in the natural stone industry, nationally and internationally, with an expansive dealer network and sales team.

“[Buechel Stone is] a business that has grown because of respecting our employees, customers and vendors; I do not see that strategy changing in the future of this company,” said Buechel. “We have always said that we would never ask our employees to do something that we haven’t done ourselves.”

Scott Buechel, Tim’s brother, will succeed him as president of the company. Scott currently serves as Executive Vice President. In retirement, after taking a few months off, Tim plans to remain active with the company, helping out as needed.

Tim’s ownership will be passed on to his son Mike Buechel, who currently serves as Vice President of Operations and Marketing. With this change, Mike will become Chief Operating Officer of the company.

“As I pass along my part (ownership) of the business to my son Mike, I am not leaving the business, but instead I am allowing Mike to start a new chapter in the Buechel Stone legacy,” Buechel said.

The position changes will be effective Jan. 1, 2017. A video announcement with Tim, Scott, Mike, and Ma (Alyce) Buechel is featured near the top of our most recent blog post at:


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