Timeless On-trend Stone Veneers Offer Brilliant New Looks [Customer Feedback]

The launch of 28 new stone veneers has proven to be one of the most ambitious endeavors in our 53+ year history. Even though it’s been a short 3 weeks since rolling everything out, the initial response has been positively inspiring.

The architecture and design communities can’t get enough of the gorgeous neutral color tones (from deep shadowy blacks to warm honey and earth). And they love that we’re offering them in so many patterns. Because even though we had 6 foundational patterns already proven to be exceptional for everything from the most modern to traditional projects; greatness doesn’t come about from meeting the status quo. So not only are we sourcing stone types that come in the perfect blend of natural tones, but we raised the bar by adding a new pattern (lucky #7) – Tailored Fieldledge.

Tailored Fieldledge combines the historic appearance of layered stone with random ends and precision-sawn heights for gorgeous end results.  The combination of random ends and 2″, 4″, and 6″ precision-sawn heights acknowledges traditional artisan techniques in juxtaposition to clean, modern lines for a timeless but on-trend appearance.

Check out the brilliant ‘New in 2017’ adds to our product collections by downloading and printing our New Product Brochure or visiting our collection of New in 2017 products in the Building Stone Veneers category of our website.

The wall system drawings, most of the 2D CAD resources, specifications, and technical data (ASTM & SDS) are already available for download (per product from our site), and we’re in the process of creating 3D / BIM resources per product (estimated availability by Sept/Oct of this year). Prior to the launch of such an impressive new product offering, we built sample board and product inventory so everything would be queued up and ready upon request. (Use coupon code ‘newstonesrock’ for free shipping on complimentary samples through June 30, 2017.)

We’re poised to help you find the perfect stone that fits your style – all while providing a level of experience, expertise, and craftsmanship as authentic and unique as our products. Click here to give us your feedback. We can’t wait to see the beauty you create using these inspiring new products…and we’re hoping to receive more photos (like the fireplace featured here [below]) from fans like you.

Cheers to future project successes!

Tracy Lisowe
Marketing Director
Buechel Stone Corp.