Upgrade Your Landscape with Natural Stone

When it comes to your yard’s overall landscape, the goal is to combine elements that make your outdoor space both beautiful and functional. Upgrading your outdoor space could be as simple as adding a fire pit to your backyard or as complex as creating a whole new area to entertain. Natural landscape stone is a versatile element that can tie your entire home’s exterior look and feel together. If you’re planning to incorporate hardscape features in your yard makeover, it helps to begin by considering its current layout and any key features you’d like to include or emphasize.

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One popular way to incorporate natural stone is by adding a natural stone edging around flower beds or garden areas. This simple addition is an impactful way to increase your yard appeal. Landscape edging creates a clean definition between the yard and plant bed that is pleasing to the eye and keeps decorative stones or mulch in place. Your home’s exterior will impact the color of stone you choose, but remember to also consider what colors your flowers and shrubs will be for the most cohesive look.

Fond du Lac Colonial Pavers bordering a garden and gravel path

Stone retaining walls are an attractive way to prevent erosion on a hillside. This natural addition stabilizes the earth around your home and adds intrigue to the outdoor space. If installing it yourself, remember to do your research and angle the stone appropriately. Tying in colors of your home to the natural stone retaining walls creates a lasting consistency. Stacked wall stone creates a similar effect somewhere between a landscape edging and retaining wall for areas with a more gradual slope.

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Designing an outdoor landscape for functionality does not take away from its aesthetic benefits. Directional paths made of irregular flagstone are a useful way to provide walkways with another opportunity to add interest to your yard. Color and texture can be the difference between a classic look and something a little funkier. A light-colored stone can be a great way to brighten a shaded part of the yard. You could also choose something that either matches or complements the colors of other natural stone features in your yard, such as walls or edging.

Fond du Lac Flagstone

Are you looking to add an outdoor space for hosting friends and family? Create a durable foundation for a multiuse entertainment area with natural stone paving. Determine the direction of your outdoor living space and how you will be utilizing it. A stacked wall stone fire pit is a cozy way to bring the family together. For those that like to go all out when entertaining, incorporate an outdoor kitchen adorned with natural thin veneer that complements the other elements of the landscape. Make sure to have everything smooth and accommodating at your outdoor fireplace.

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Overall, natural stone can be used many different ways throughout your yard. Multiple uses of it creates a continuous look that stands up to any weather conditions. The beauty of natural stone landscaping is the perfect complement to your home’s exterior and outdoor foliage. Let your yard be an extension of your home to enjoy for many years to come.

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Megan Ognibene
Stone Design Consultant
Buechel Stone Design Center – Kohler, WI