Welcome to “The Stone Age!”

When people talk about the “stone age” they generally are speaking about the old and outdated. The phrase can conjurer up images from stone tools of the Neanderthal to an Apple II computer. Personally, I think of the stone age in a little different terms.

I want to show you how we are once again in the stone age. Think about it; everywhere you look, more and more projects incorporate stone with their design. The traditional uses for stone on things like fireplaces and garden walkways are almost a given now. Designers and architects are getting creative and finding new ways to get natural stone on projects – interior walls, outdoor fireplaces, room-dividing archways, wine cellars. The list goes on and on.

With this new stone age in mind, Buechel Stone’s blog is here to assist your understanding and application of stone. I will show you how the benefits of natural stone can bring fulfillment to your life, and give insight to why natural stone has always been the choice building material. Enjoy the content and feel free to comment often.

Mike Buechel
[email protected]
V.P. of Operations and Marketing
Buechel Stone Corp.