Worry-Free Client Experience for Buechel Stone Veneer Interiors, Exterior Facades & Natural Stone Patio Yard Landscaping

Buechel Stone has been in the natural stone industry for a long time, 56 years to be exact. So you could say we know a thing or two about everything from building with stone veneers to front and backyard landscaping stone and outdoor patios to architectural cut stone and everything and anything natural stone related. We’ve learned over the years that an exceptional selection of gorgeous natural stone is only a small fraction of what sets us apart when it comes to our proven process of providing WORRY-FREE CLIENT EXPERIENCES that make us your best and only real choice in stone.

Our clients drive our mission to provide the best, most dependable experience in the natural stone industry – guaranteed. Because without your project vision, there’d be no need to stay true to ours of being your first choice because of unparalleled service and an exceptional selection of natural stone. Your vision becomes ours. Your concerns become our worries. Providing a WORRY-FREE CLIENT EXPERIENCE is what Buechel Stone is all about. In fact, providing best experiences is what gets us out of bed every morning. Our proven process is inspired by our vision and the mission that drive us. And it’s how we’re able to provide worry-free best experiences time and time again. 

Buechel Stone Worry-Free Client Process

Inspiration & Exploration Building with Stone Veneers and Front to Backyard Landscaping Natural Stone Designs

The first step of our proven process is INSPIRED ENLIGHTENMENT. Typically, the project owner has already been inspired by natural stone to have decided that it’s a must-have. In this step, the project visionary or homeowner may have already performed a few Google searches or found inspiration on Pinterest or another digital source to get inspired by a luxury dream home or commercial stone masonry project. Or maybe the look of beautiful real stone masonry construction on neighboring houses or the appeal of front and backyard landscaping design with outdoor fireplaces and warm patio stone pavers caught your eye. During the phase of inspired enlightenment, you’re just beginning learn what makes natural stone, specifically Buechel Stone, a differentiator.

Buechel Stone veneers on Pinterest
Buechel Stone’s Pinterest Feed

In the second step of proven process, EXPLORATION & DISCOVERY, the bridge between the client and our experts is created. This is when you’re learning about Buechel Stone and Buechel Stone is learning about you. In this step, the project is further defined using Buechel Stone’s online resources, catalog and other printed inspiration / information, and samples.  The exploration and discovery step also shows the uniqueness of who we are by how we rely on only the finest quarriers, artisans, and experts. This is where a partnered project journey begins.

Building with stone veneers interior design exterior dream home facade & landscaping process results
Stone Design Consultant Megan assisting our customers with their natural stone selection.

Now that the partnered project journey has begun, we look further into the details of your project through the lens of YOUR VISION. What are your requirements? The #rockstar experts at Buechel Stone will do everything in their power to not only turn your dream into a reality, but also make it incredibly easy to work with us. Our customer service is unparalleled and we focus on making your natural stone project the best it can be – for results that bring happiness for years to come. (You can discover #rockstar success stories and videos about the amazing people who make it all happen straight from our Buechel Bio page.)

Real Stone Veneer & Landscaping Stone Solutions for Best Dream Home & Commercial Stone Masonry Project Results

Step four outlines one of the staples of Buechel Stone’s worry-free client experience: OUR SIMPLIFIED SOLUTION. This phase of your experience is kicked off with considerations and collaboration. You’ll have rockstar support every step of the way, from drawings and renderings to the finest architectural details. We work with you to gain alignment on all levels by using technology for rendering details, providing sample options, and so much more.

Sampling Natural Stone Product Made Easy
Sampling Natural Stone Product Made Easy

Our guarantee is that you’ll have ‘the best, most dependable experience in the industry – guaranteed!’ and we work with that mantra in all aspects of our process. When it comes to your ORDER, we provide you with a project quote, estimated lead time, a confirmed approval, order confirmation, shipment timeframe, and follow that all up with quality-checked labeling and shipment – ensuring your natural stone order is shipped on time with care.

Buechel Stone product being shipped to customers after quality inspection

All of Buechel Stone’s #rockstars do their part to contribute and hold ourselves accountable to OUR ROCKSTAR GUARANTEE. By using quality assurance labeling and shipment, along with the ability to confirm it’s installed to specs, we strive to deliver excellent and accurate results. Our 100-year warranty speaks for itself. Everyone can witness the wonder of Buechel Stone’s worry-free client experience when you’re able to ENJOY beautiful, lasting project results.

Explore and discover your favorite real stone styles from the exceptional selection of natural stone products and inspirational project photos in our NEW Catalog. But like we said from the beginning, an exceptional selection of natural stone is only a small fraction of what sets Buechel Stone apart throughout our WORRY-FREE CLIENT EXPERIENCE. Join our newsletter and to follow us on your favorite social media channels (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, & Twitter) to find more inspirational images and stay up to date on all things natural stone!

Brianne Lisowe-Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Buechel Stone Corp